02 October 2004

Situation Desperate...

Well, it looks like Haiti and Grenada get to join long list of deserted countries "liberated" by U.S. Forces...


UN Seeks $59 Million for Flood-Hit Haiti, Grenada

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United Nations on Friday asked wealthy nations to donate an extra $59 million in aid to help about 400,000 people in Grenada and Haiti recover from a recent wave of storms and flooding.

"These programs will help meet urgent needs like shelter, food and
clean water, and also for longer term reconstruction of schools and
infrastructure as well as laying foundations for economic recovery,"
U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland said.

Haiti requires $32 million to meet urgent needs, while Grenada seeks
$27 million, the world body estimated.

Governments, U.N. agencies and private relief groups are already
rushing food, water and other emergency supplies to the region
following a month of storms, but the new appeal is intended to
address anticipated needs over the next six months, the U.N. Office
for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in a statement.

Hurricane Ivan and Tropical Storm Jeanne killed more than 1,500
people in Haiti and affected another 300,000 people there, the
statement said.

Local officials have estimated that as many as 2,400 people have died
during flooding in Haiti, where aid workers are still struggling to
feed unruly crowds of hungry people.

In Grenada, the storms touched all of the island's 100,000
inhabitants, where Hurricane Ivan damaged or destroyed 90 percent of the three-island nation's houses and wiped out nearly all its crops,
the United Nations said.


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