07 November 2004

Help Bring Joy to the Rez...

Another very worthy cause, please help if you can...


Greetings.... The Oglala Lakota Children of the Porcupine District need your help!  Our winter holiday toy drive is going exceedingly slow this year.  We know the economy is bad for many people but we ask and hope that you will help if you can.......... for the children....
Wambli Ho News
Wambli Ho, Voice of the Eagles,
( www.wambliho.com )
He Ska Tokala Sobriety Society,
Wowitan Yuha Mani (David Swallow, jr.)
2nd Annual Winter Holiday Toy Drive 2004
To Benefit The Porcupine District of
The Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota Reservation
South Dakota
We Need YOUR Help!  Spread Some Holiday Joy!
All gifts, large and small, will be gratefully received.
Since the number of clothing banks have grown on the reservation, we have decided to concentrate primarily on collecting new toys for the children's holiday.  If you are not comfortable with sending new toys, you may also send new socks or gloves.  Additionally, batteries, blank cassette tapes, and/or personal care items (shampoos, conditioners, soaps, grooming kits, etc.) are also great ideas for the older kids.  Donations would also be gratefully accepted.  Please designate whether you wish the money to be spent on toys, personal care items, or fresh fruit to be distributed.  Please include your return address so that we may send you a receipt.
Wambli Ho, Voice of the Eagles is a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation and accountable as such to the State of Colorado.  However, we have not had the funds to enable us to complete the filing for our Federal 510(c)3 tax-exempt status yet.  Please understand that your donations are gifts of the heart and not tax-deductible.
All items will be distributed in the Porcupine District of the Pine Ridge Reservation by Community Volunteers, Wowitan Yuha Mani (David Swallow, jr.), and Wambli Ho Volunteers.
Please send all articles (unwrapped) by December 10th!
For Toys and Other Items, Please mail to collection point:
Wambli Ho, Voice of the Eagles
C/O Audrey Link
337 Wood Street - Fort Collins CO 80521-1954
Phone:  303-554-5363
For Financial Donations, Please mail to corporate address:
Wambli Ho, Voice of the Eagles
1509 Fuqua Drive - Fort Collins CO 80521-4133
For More Details:  www.wambliho.com/WambliHo_WinterProject_2004.html
For Pictures of Last Year's Distribution:  www.wambliho.com/WambliHo_News_Feb2004_pg3.html


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