29 November 2004

Pine Ridge Coat Drive

Please help if you can or care to...


Coats for Kids on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Many people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation are living under very difficult conditions. Some are in dire need of our help to make the long and cold South Dakota winter more bearable. The Holidays are a time of warm feelings and warm clothes. Everyone deserves to share the same joy, feelings of friendship, security, and comfort!

On the Pine Ridge Reservation, the average household income is under $10,000 a year. In most cases extended family members live together in homes that are poorly built and drafty. The winds that whip across the plains are something we may not have to worry about for our own children.

Those of us who have so much can so easily make a difference in a child's life. Please buy a winter coat for one or several children! Knowing you will keep a little one warm throughout the winter will make YOU feel warm inside!

Would you like to help?

To visit and/ or join this group on the web, go to:

For more information on how to help, please contact

E-mail: winterinpineridge@yahoogroups.com

Phone: 877.256.9720

Please Spread the Word!


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