21 January 2005

Scare Tactics...

Follow the link to get more information on your Social Security benefit status.


Social Security Scare Tactics

Download fact sheets on why women and workers of color should care about Social Security and get the facts on why every working family should care about Social Security.

President Bush's plan to replace Social Security's guaranteed benefits with risky private accounts would hurt working families. It would force drastic cuts in benefits and saddle our children with $2 trillion in debt, most of which we would owe to foreign countries such as China and Japan.

Find out more about Social Security—America's best run and most effective family insurance program—and how to protect it.

Social Security Basics
Information and resources to explain Social Security, the privatization threat and the benefit cuts some are proposing.
Myths & Realities
Use these myths and realities to equip yourself with the information you need to respond when you hear somebody say something about Social Security.


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