26 February 2005

1st Native American Indian Assoc. Powwow & Veteran's Homecoming

First Native American Indian Association Powwow and Veteran's Homecoming Set
The first Native American Indian Association of Tennessee (NAIA) Spring Powwow and Veteran's Homecoming will be held May 6, 7, and 8 at the Southern Middle Tennessee Pavilion in Winchester.

The event is sponsored by the NAIA and is supported by the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce. The event will feature a celebration of music, dance and the arts. It will also offer an educational opportunity for the public to discover and learn more about the diversity of American Indian traditions, songs, dance, basket-weaving, carving, games and other cultural events.
The guest speaker for the event will be World War II veteran, Navajo Code Talker Thomas Begay. NAIA is extremely proud of its 23 years of service to the Native American Indian residents of Tennessee. NAIA is an intertribal non-profit organization that provides social and educational services and opportunities, including cultural revitalization, case management, job placement and education training opportunities to the more than 15,000 American Indians living throughout Tennessee. NAIA is governed by an all-Indian Board of Directors.
Everyone is strongly urged to support this cultural event in Tennessee. The festival will bring in revenue to Franklin and surrounding counties through hotels and restaurants and many area stores and shops where vendors and visitors from all over the USA and Canada will stay and patronize.

It is the goal of organizers of the event to be one of the largest tourist events in the state and an annual event at the Southern Middle Tennessee Pavilion in Winchester. All monies raised go directly to the NAIA Education/Scholarship Fund and the NAIA Emergency Relief Assistance Fund. No board member or any volunteer personnel are paid - this is truly a volunteer organization.

Please contact Barbara Burch, Festival Coordinator, at 931-461-2843 to discuss your support opportunity. For information visit their website at naia.spring.powwow.gem-of-r.com or e-mail tuhaniesa@charter.net.


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