14 February 2005

Oglala Commemoration

Official Oglala Commemoration Homepage

Plans are underway and support is being sought for the 6th
Annual / 30th anniversary of the Incident of Oglala. We are hoping
to have a few fun things added this year as the event will be held
on Sunday June 26th this year, we have Saturday night open to plan
something with the youth.
Have been receiving emails that we will be having a few more
international support groups attending, France, Belguim and Canada.
We are expecting a larger turn out this year due to it being the
anniversary, we are looking for more volunteers, if you are
interested please drop me an email at :
We would like to thank Native Voices/ Waif 88.3 Cincinnati for
there support last week on doing a show which included Wayquay and
Andy Mader talking about the Commemoration, and Mr. Barry Bachrach
for giving the updated information on Leonard's case. Feb 6th marked
Leonard's 29th year in prison.  If you did not hear this yet it is
archived at www.nativevoicesradio.net the Feb 5th show. Today we
will be hearing an interview with Mr. Julian B which was just
announced that he will be performing at the "Searching for our
Paths" Pow-wow at Ohio State U / Columbus, Ohio at the French Field
House on Saturday Feb 26, 2005.
Admissionis Free, but a one dollar donation to AIC emergency fund
requested. Donations of Non-perishable foods or goods are also
welcome. Food and good proceeds will go to the Oglala Commemoration.
I will also be on hand with an information table and the regular
Pendleton blanket raffle, so please stop by and support this event
and meet Julian.
The auction has slowed down, remember this is our main source of
support. Although we have been busy looking for different corporate
sponsorship, none of it is coming through right now and we have to
depend on this auction to reach the budget. So please take a look
at the auction  www.geocities.com/lisa2unow/auction.html   We are
also in need of more items. And as always, with cash donations we
always have gifts determined on the amount donated.                 
We are very happy to announce that we are on our way to becoming a
corporation, our end of the paperwork was completed yesterday, with
this corporation we will be able to file for our non-profit status.
This all takes times as we are all scattered around the states.
Robert received a call this week from the Oglala lakota College,
our "Leonard Peltier Honorary Scholarship" will be awarded at this
spring registration. The winner will be posted as soon as it
becomes finalized.
The Youth Concert is filling up, we will have music by Wayquay,
Julian B, Steel River, Native Era. Spoken poetry by JD Nash, Luke
Warm Water and of course Wayquay will share some of her own spoken
words with us. We are looking forward to a Hoop Dance performance.
Words by Harvey Arden and more to be announced. All are invited to
this learning/sharing experience.. Hope to see you all there.



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