25 September 2005

Stacy King Memorial Bike Ride

Memorial Bike Ride

Dozens of cyclists rode Saturday, in memory of a friend who was killed last year. Stacy King, an avid bike rider was killed when the bicycle she was riding was struck by a car on Union Mill Road in Jessamine County.

Many riders who took part in today's bike ride say it was worth the cause."She was a great advocate for cycling and fell in love with it, when she started it." said friend Maria Matthews.

Twenty-four year old Stacy King was hit by a car last year on Jessamine Counties', highway 169. That's where some of the cyclists rode to, to pay their respects. "I think we all reflected pretty much in our own way."

Members of the Bluegrass Cycling Club wore wristbands with the initials..S-K for Stacy King, their fellow friend. Event organizer and bike enthusiast Robert Underwood say's today's bike ride was a good way to get the word out and try to prevent another deadly biking accident. "We don't want to ride on Man O War and the big roads as much as you don't want us out there. Unfortunately, because there's not bike lanes and bike pass, we've got to cross over to get some off the county roads."

After the memorial, Robert Underwood and the rest of the cyclists gathered one last time to reinforce the meaning of today's event."We haven't forgotten them and that's what rides about, to get on the road and show solidarity towards cycling"


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