07 October 2005

Bu$h's Battleplan: Incestuous Treason...?

Here's another one for the "WTF File": Get this, our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are facing serious shortages of ammunition, particularly for small calibre weapons. These are the weapons that nearly every combat-deployed soldier carries with them 24/7. This shortfall was recently acknowledged and documented in a GAO report.

Small calibre weapons are the "backbone" of an infantry unit. Therefore, a bullet shortage is a butt-puckering situation for an infantryman. Given a choice, he (or she) would probably rather give up food or even water over their precious ammo. Once a firefight begins, time is not measured in seconds or minutes, but in how much ordinance is readily available.

With that in mind, examine and evaluate the recent decision of the Bu$h Administration (See Story Below) to sell $400 million dollars worth of military hardware and ordinance, including small calibre ammunition to Saudi Arabia. The same Saudi Arabia that is quite possibly providing aid and abettment to the very insurgants our forces are locked in battle with. WTF!!! I give up!

If you can figure this crap-pile out, please explain it to me...


(Honour the Warrior, not the war!)

Two billion dollars in possible US military sales to Saudis: Pentagon News

Tue Oct 4, 4:09 PM ET

The Pentagon has notified the US Congress of possible military sales to Saudi Arabia valued at more than two billion dollars, if all options are exercised.

The proposed sales include a laundry list of armored personnel carriers, command vehicles, water cannons, a variety of trucks, ambulances, ammunition and assault rifles for the Saudi Arabian National Guard.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), which notified Congress Monday of the possible sale, valued that proposed sale at up to 918 million dollars.

Another proposed sale, valued at up to 401 million dollars, was for a system that distributes information through data links to fighter aircraft.

The system "will increase pilot operational effectiveness by providing an at-a-glance portrayal of targets, threats and friendly forces on an easy-to-understand relative position display," the DSCA said.

When combined with AWACS radar planes and ground command and control, the system "will provide allied forces greater situational awareness in any coalition operation," the agency said.

The third proposed sale, valued at up to 760 million dollars, was for continued technical and logistical support for a wide spectrum of Saudi military aircraft, aircraft engines and missiles, the agency said.


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