15 January 2006

Leonard Peltier: "Warrior"

February 6, 2006 is the 30th year since Leonard Peltier's capture. To acknowledge his commitment to the people and our commitment to his release NYC-Jericho and ProLibertad will have a showing of "Warrior" by Susie Bear on February 6, 2006-- COFFEE &DESSERT 6:30 film AT 7P.M. Q&A to follow. We are expecting to have St. Mary's Church and will be back with the exact place SOON--Please stand by.Hope to see you there. For more information please call 718-220-6004

$5.00 on a sliding scale all money raised to be sent to Leonard's commissary fund.

"An intimate look at the circumstances surrounding the incarceration of Native American activist Leonard Peltier, convicted of murder, with commentary from those involved, including Peltier himself."

Free All Political Prisoners!

nycjericho@riseup.net www.jerichony.org

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