17 August 2006

Executive Excrement...

Hmmm, well, if it smells like it, and sticks to the bottom of your shoe, it might really be crap indeed. One thing is for certain, crap and the Bu$h Administration's policies both have the same basic origin in common: the inside of an asshole...


US Brushes Off 'Crap' Accusation
The White House has made light of reports alleging that John Prescott said George Bush had been "crap" on the Middle East peace process.

Tony Snow, a White House spokesman, said: "The president has been called a lot worse and I suspect will be."

Mr Snow added that President Bush would have to face "piquant names" being hurled at him from time to time.

The deputy prime minister said the reports of his comments in a private meeting with MPs were inaccurate.

However, Mr Snow added pointedly: "The president talks regularly with Prime Minister Blair, who is the prime minister.

"Prime Minister Blair has made it clear: he is going to remain a firm ally to the United States in the war on terror."

He said both men "have taken some hits" in the polls but saw their primary obligation as protecting national security.

Labour MP Harry Cohen said the remark came during a private, "robust" meeting on Tuesday with fellow Labour MPs.

The Labour MP said he believed Mr Prescott's comment had been "an honest and good point, well made".

Mr Cohen said Mr Prescott's "crap" comment had been specific to the US efforts on the road map.

Road map

It was not a view of President Bush generally, the Bush administration as a whole, or the Bush administration's general Middle East policy, he added.

He said Mr Prescott claimed he had only supported the Iraq war "because they were promised the road map".

The comments were said to have been made at talks with Muslim MPs and other Labour MPs with constituencies representing large Muslim communities.

Mr Cohen said Mr Prescott's other reported comment - calling Mr Bush a "cowboy" - was a joke related to his own recent difficulties over a cowboy outfit gift he was given last year.

'Cheering him on'

Colin Brown, who is the deputy prime minister's biographer, said that this was "the type of language" used by Mr Prescott.

"It's a shorthand, it's very pithy, it's not diplomatic, and I hope that he doesn't get into any diplomatic hot water about it," he told BBC News 24.

"But the fact is, a lot of people are cheering him on."

For the Lib Dems, Norman Lamb, said: "John Prescott does not always use the most appropriate language, but if these reports are to be believed then his instincts on the Middle East are certainly preferable to Tony Blair's."

Mr Prescott has been Tony Blair's deputy since he came to power in 1997. Mr Blair is on holiday at the moment, leaving Mr Prescott in charge of the government.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/08/17 21:45:16 GMT



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Duuude!!! I sure hope you don't end up in Gitmo for this, that would suck!


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