03 December 2006

When Is Green REALLY Green?

Conscious Choice: Stealing Green

It starts with a light bulb. But not just any run of the mill watt-
sucker—this is the much-touted CFL, the energy-saver that lasts ten
times as long while using only one quarter of the electricity of the
average incandescent. Accompanied by a press kit from General
Electric's new "Ecomagination" division, the wonderbulb rests cozily
inside a bright green recycled cardboard sleeve covered with big,
overlapping words like "sustainability, " "commitment, " "environment"
and "conserve." A corn-fiber string affixed to the packaging attaches
a square of biodegradable fiber embossed with the GE logo and embedded
with wildflower seeds, along with a little slip of rough, seemingly
hand-made paper that bears a note encouraging you to plant the fiber and watch the seeds "burst into beautiful flowers."

A second slip of paper bears a less lyrical message. "Warning. Lamp contains mercury."

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