09 March 2007

"Gringo Go Home..!"

"And he still stinks of sulphur too!"

Hugo is still fighting the Good Fight for the Common Man! And that is why Bu$h and Cheney hate him so much...


Chavez Attacks Bush 'Domination'
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has attacked US counterpart George W Bush as a "symbol of domination" as the pair continue rival Latin American tours.

Mr Chavez is in Buenos Aires to meet Argentina's President Nestor Kirchner and will lead an "anti-imperialist rally" later in a football stadium.

Mr Chavez, who completes his two-nation tour in Bolivia, said he would like to tell Mr Bush: "Gringo go home."

Mr Bush is visiting Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico.

Battle of River Plate

Mr Chavez said before meeting Mr Kirchner: "[George Bush] is a symbol of domination and we are a cry of rebellion against the domination... he's trying to trick our people to divide us."

Mr Chavez's rally on Friday night will coincide with Mr Bush's presence just 65km (40 miles) away, across the River Plate in Uruguay's capital, Montevideo.

The BBC's Daniel Schweimler in Buenos Aires says the pair are embroiled in a battle for hearts and minds in Latin America.

The Venezuelan president has a number of close allies in the region - most notably the leaders of Bolivia and Ecuador.

Others such as Mr Kirchner, our correspondent says, cannot afford not to be friends with Mr Chavez, who enjoys massive support across Latin America, especially among the millions of poor.

Mr Bush's trip, seen by analysts as an attempt to counter Mr Chavez's influence, has already been marred by violent protests in Brazil.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/03/09 16:03:02 GMT



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