03 August 2007

Julia Blackhawk (Winnebago)...

We offer Prayers and Smoke to the Creator on behalf of Julia's Family and Tribe...


News::Winnebago Tribal Member Killed In Bridge Collapse

The death toll from the Minnesota bridge collapse still stands at four. And, one of the victims has Siouxland ties. 32-year-old Julia Blackhawk is a member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska.

Her family got word of her death late last night. Her uncle, John Blackhawk, who's a Winnebago Tribal Council Member, says his niece had been taking classes at the University of Minnesota and was on her way home.

Her route to her home in Savage, Minnesota, takes her across the I-35 West bridge, which collapsed, Wednesday night.

Authorities say Julia Blackhawk died of blunt force trauma.

After watching the events unfold on television, John Blackhawk said it's a shock to know a tragedy, like this, involves a loved one. "I think the thing that she would like to be remembered for is a mother," said John Blackhawk, Victim's Uncle. "She had two boys, of course, and um, I'm not sure how they're going to survive that. So I think first and foremost probably as a mother. The other is the recollection that I have of her is being that I'm her uncle and uncles are held in high esteem. So I guess I remember the respectful way that she treated me."

Julia Blackhawk, a mother of two, has lived in the Twin Cities for about the last decade.

Tribal services are being held Thursday and Friday in Julia Blackhawk's honor. Her funeral is planned for this Saturday in Winnebago, Nebraska.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such a sad, horrific situation. With George Bush and his clown troupe running things, it's unfortunately not surprising.

Prayers for everyone.

Hope you all are well.

- Holly

10:42 am  

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