02 July 2008

Something to go with our Square Pigs...

At last after all these years, someone has finally raised the humble plastic milk jug to a new level of refined design perfection. Behold the square milk jug!

I don't know why it took so long, we've had Square Pigs since 1996. And what a space-saving, energy-conserving, economic innovation they were!

The new jugs will save money, materials and energy, by saving space. The new shape will allow more units to fit into store coolers (from 88 to 200+). More units can be loaded onto a truck. The new shape also allows for the elimination of the ubiquitous milk crate (What will poor college kids do for furniture now?) since the new jugs are load bearing structures, thus plugging an annual $80 million blackhole for the nation's dairy industry.

My favourite headline on the new design is from the Portland Mercury:

People Have Problems With Big Jugs

(Hey! I don't write them, I just find them...)

I wonder how long it will be before we get Square Cows...?


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