20 April 2004

Luring the Young to the "Dark Side"

I've been bad...sort of.

Last year I (actually my wife and I) gave the 8 year old son of our best friends his very first fountain pen. It was just an entry-level Shaeffer calligraphy set, but the by the look in his eyes would have thought we'd laid a Jorg Hysek on him!

He listened with rapt attention and keen ears as we explained the arcane details of proper care and feeding of a fountain pen, almost as if we were demonstrating the latest X-Box game to him. His fingers had that familiar tremble as he loaded the first ink cartridge into his new prize, hungrily licking his lips in concentration.

Then came the magic moment of truth when he applied (with surprising delicacy) his first nib to paper. Just like a surgeon executing his opening incision, he confidently traced his name on the sheet, then looked up. Our eyes met.

At that moment I knew he had surely and irrevocably been immersed the Dark and Inky depths of Plumophilia...

...I must remember to buy his mother a bottle of Amodex. Soon!

Keep Your Nibs Inked and Your Fingers Clean --ryan

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