21 May 2004

Brian Collins, 1941-2004

It's indeed a sad day in the Bluegrass...

WKYT 27 NEWSFIRST & WYMT Mountain News - Well-Known Meteorologist Brian Collins Passes Away

------------------------------------------------------------------------Posted on Fri, May. 21, 2004

Longtime TV Weatherman Dies

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Longtime television weatherman Brian Collins died of complications from lung cancer Thursday at his home. He was 62.

Collins had been diagnosed with lung cancer about a month ago and with diabetes about a month before that.

He spent 20 years as an Air Force air traffic controller before moving to Lexington in 1981, where he worked for WLEX-TV. His contract was not renewed in 1992, partly because he was not a meteorologist at the time. Collins then joined the staff of WKYT-TV.

Collins studied meteorology at Mississippi State University and eventually moved up to chief meteorologist at WKYT a couple of years ago. He left the station in January, at least partly because of his health.

WKYT news anchor Bill Bryant recalled how he, another anchor and Collins sang old country songs together before doing the morning news show. "Just what a wonderful, warm, funny human being Brian was," he said.

As a television personality, Collins often was called upon to be the master of ceremonies at pageants and the grand marshal of parades. He had been an emcee at spelling bees. He had even played Santa Claus, posing for pictures with people's pets at the Lexington Humane Society. He frequently visited schools to give talks to children.

Collins is survived by his wife, Cathleen Collins; a son, David Scott Jones of Austin, Texas; a stepson, Adam Hamilton of Lexington; a stepdaughter, Katie Schottelkotte of Lexington; and a sister, Patricia Collins of Florida.

Arrangements were pending at Kerr Brothers Funeral Home on Harrodsburg Road.


Information from: Lexington Herald-Leader, http://www.kentucky.com


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