12 May 2004

Stacy Rena Williams King (1977-2004)

NICHOLASVILLE - Stacy Rena Williams King, 26, wife of Steven King, of Allison Circle, Nicholasville, died Sat., May 8, 2004.

She was the former Vice President of the Bluegrass Whitewater Association and a member of the Bluegrass Cycling Club. She was an exchange student in Germany in 1995-96 from Todd Co. High School and spoke German.

Born in Russellville, KY on August 22, 1977, she was the daughter of Hank and Betty Thomas Williams. Additional survivors include a sister Brandi Williams and a brother, Shawn Williams. Services will be 2 pm Fri. at the Pea Ridge House of Prayer in Elkton, KY, with Rev. Louis Bradberry. Visitation will be from 5-9pm Wed. at Betts & West Funeral Home and from 5-9 pm Thurs. at Pea Ridge House of Prayer.

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Published in the Lexington Herald-Leader on 5/11/2004.

Cyclist Had Great Passion for Hobby, Life


By Ryan Alessi


As an avid bicyclist and kayaker with a brownbelt in judo, Stacy King was no stranger to risk.
Yet what was supposed to be a casual, scenic bike ride on a bright afternoon turned fatal.
King, 26, was killed Saturday while riding on Union Mill Road in Jessamine County. She was struck by a car, driven by Mark A. Usher, 20, of Lexington.

Details of the accident have not been released. The Jessamine County Sheriff's office is investigating, but Sheriff Joe Walker could not be reached yesterday. No charges have been filed.

King had been biking with Lisanne Pohl, 17, a foreign exchange student from Germany who was staying with King and her husband, Steven, at their Nicholasville home
Pohl, who also was struck by the car, is recovering at University of Kentucky Hospital, Steven King said. Both of Pohl's knees were shattered, and she sustained several other broken bones, King said.

Steven King, 31, said biking was an instant bond between his wife and Pohl, who only recently moved in with them.

"She was so excited about having a partner to ride with," he said, noting that he was not much of a biker. "Stacy already made a list of things she wanted to do with her for the rest of her time here. Stacy was trying to cram in enough fun."

She even had begun keeping a scrapbook for Pohl with pictures and ticket stubs, he said.
That, he said, was "quintessential Stacy."

For instance, not long after the Kings -- who would have celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary on Tuesday -- moved into their Nicholasville home in the fall of 2001, Stacy King wrote Christmas cards to nearly everyone in the neighborhood.

She had always been active. In high school, she traveled to Germany as an exchange student.
At Cumberland College in the mid-1990s, her hobby was judo.
After she graduated, she began whitewater kayaking in the rivers of Kentucky and Tennessee and served as an officer of a local kayaking club.

And lately, biking had been her passion. Last year, she commuted on her bike to her job at IBM in Lexington for several weeks.

"She did love it," Steven King said. "She just grabbed life by the horns."
In July, she planned to go biking on the trails of Breckinridge, Colo., with her 17-year-old sister Brandi and Kirsti Tittle, 25, a friend from Germany. Both also have been living with the Kings.
Tom and Bonnie Walters of Lexington, who met King last year at a Bluegrass Cycling Club picnic, had organized the Colorado trip.

It would have been King's first trip west.

Bonnie Walters said they just clicked with King from the beginning.

"She was a delightful person with a vivacious smile that would win your heart," she said. "She's just one of those people who, when you meet her, you feel like you had known her all your life."
Steven King said while details have not been finalized, services for Stacy King will be held in Lexington as well as her hometown of Elkton in Todd County.


Once again, we are reminded of how very dangerous our sport is and can be.
Godspeed Stacy...

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