15 October 2004

Dear President Kerry...

A Message from Harvey Arden on Behalf of Leonard Peltier

Dear President Kerry,
Congratulations on your sweep of the debates and on your coming triumph among the countrys voters on election day. Thanks for restoring my pride in America, and giving a new bright hope to our Nations future. For the catastrophic last four years, the America I thought I knew for my nearly 70 years seemed to have fallen away from the democratic and human principles on which this country was founded. I know you will bring rationality and compassion back to our nations foreign and domestic policies. I know you will help bring about the Great Healing so
desperately needed in America and around this fragile and
endangered planet of ours. Yours is a truly historic mission.
Among the great tasks now facing you, I ask, I pray, that you
consider the fate of one Native American man named Leonard
PeltierUSP#89637-132-a symbol to millions around the world of
Americas continuing injustice toward its indigenous Peoples.

Now that the dereliction of the FBI on 9/11 has been formally
confirmed by the Kean Commission, I recall with a chill how, in
December 2000-even as the terrorists were already in our cities
fine-tuning their attacks against our Nation-some 500 FBI Agents found
the leisure and spare time to spend a day staging an FBI march of
intimidation in front of the White House, demanding that President Clinton
NOT grant long-expected and well-deserved executive clemency to wrongfully
imprisoned Native American Leonard Peltier.

Mr. Peltier now serves his 29th year of incarceration at USP
Leavenworth for a 'crime' the whole world--and especially the
FBI--knows he did not commit. In the sorriest moment of his
Presidency, Mr. Clinton acceded to the FBI's intimidating demands.
Leonard remains in prison, torn from his People and his
granddchildren, recently refused by the courts even a hearing on
parole until December 2008even though he fulfilled all
requirements for parole a dozen years ago. His false imprisonment
began when he was 31; he is now 60.

I am compelled to wonder if the efforts of those 500 FBI agents
might not have been better spent that day on protecting our
Country against our real enemies instead of continuing their
30-year unlawful vendetta against a Native American man they know
to be innocent, but whose false imprisonment conceals the many
many crimes of Agency personnel on the Pine Ridge Reservation during the
1970's Reign of Terror authorized by the FBI's illegal COINTELPRO program.
The Agency has spent countless thousands of hours over the decades
constructing a Wall of Lies & Silence against Mr. Peltier. For the sake
and safety of the America People, this shameful vendetta must cease.

I ask you, I plead with you, President Kerry, as part of your
coming re-organization of the FBI, that you immediately issue an
order for an absolute end to the Agency's ongoing and self-serving
vendetta and disinformation campaign against Leonard Peltier and other
members of the American Indian Movement. I pray you will give him
immediate executive clemency, or at least allow him a new--and this time
fair and unstaged--trial, which would clearly reveal the FBI's own
innumerable crimes against him and many others.

Also, the recent sham trial staged by the FBI in Rapid City to
railroad still another Native American man--Arlo Looking Cloud--to
a life behind bars, as well as to further defame Leonard Peltier
and others of AIM, should immediately be overturned by the courts or the
executive branch-both of which have been complicit, if only out of FBI
intimidation,in allowing that Soviet-style mockery of justice to occur in
this Land.

President Kerry, I don't know if you know the Leonard Peltier case
personally. I ask that you grant a brief audience to myself and Chief
Arvol Looking Horse, 19th-Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo
Pipe of the Great Lakota Nation, so that we may deliver a message to you
on behalf of millions of good souls around the earth who plead for
Leonard's freedom, who see Leonard's freedom as The Sign that Democracy
and Justice and Love and Prayer still have a meaning in America.
I ask to read to you from Leonard's book PRISON WRITINGS: MY LIFE
IS MY SUN DANCE, of which I was privileged to be the editor.

Please invite Vice President John Edwards and others of your
Administration so they may hear Leonards powerful and healing
words. I also ask to have Leonard Peltier himself standing beside me in
the Oval Office as I read his words-words Leonard would read to you
himself if his locked jaw would allow him to.

Mr. President, we await your strong hand in bringing to an end
this enormous and glaring injustice and stain on Americas honor.
Please please please--FREE LEONARD PELTIER!
Let that be the truly noble and auspicious beginning to your

/Harvey Arden

P.S. I am sending you a copy of Leonard's spiritual testament PRISON
WRITINGS: MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE, and also of the brand new book ~HAVE YOU THOUGHT of LEONARD PELTIER LATELY?~ which explains what the FBI has yet to confess to the American People.
~EVERYone! Please distribute. With YOUR help we CAN reach the whole world!~


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