02 December 2004

The Flowering Tree Project

Please help if you can. Please pass it on to others...


Christmas Gifts for Flowering Tree Project Children

Flowering Tree Project is a comprehensive, culturally based
residential treatment program for pregnant women and mothers with
alcohol or drug addictions and their children. Its goal is to
decrease the incidence of prevalence of drug and alcohol use among
substance abusing Native American women and enhance the healthy
development of children.

The residents typically range in age from 17 through 36 and their
children are from newborn up to age 11. The women are allowed to
have up to three children stay with them.

The women stay for a period of one year and during that time receive
extensive therapy on drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence,
grief and loss, and sexual abuse. They are also taught vocational,
educational and parenting skills. Among other things, the women are
taught how to budget, how to deal with personal financial issues,
how to manage a household, and how to cook. The children of these
women also receive therapy during their stay at Flowering Tree.

This Christmas we'd like to provide a gift for each child in
residence at Flowering Tree.  Please let us know if you'd like to
sponsor a child for a gift!

Room 7

3 mo. old girl - Winnie the Pooh bear
4 yr. old boy - big truck
7 yr. old boy - remote car or games

Room 3

11 yr. old girl - Bratz dolls or games
3 yr. old girl - Barbie doll
2 yr. old girl - Barbie doll or Cabbage Patch doll

Room 2

6 yr. old boy - remove car or games
4 month old boy - Winnie the Pooh bear

Room 9

3 yr. old girl - Cabbage Patch doll or baby doll

Room 5

6 yr. old girl - Bratz Doll or games

Room 4

4 yr. old boy - cars or Candyland game
3 yr. old boy - Matchbox cars
2 yr. old girl - baby doll or Cabbage Patch doll

Please ship your wrapped, tagged gift to:

Flowering Tree Project
Attn: Illa Red Owl
100 Main Street, Highway 18
Old Hospital Bldg., 2nd Floor
Pine Ridge, SD 57770

Thanks everyone!



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G'day ryan
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3:20 pm  
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9:44 pm  
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