11 May 2006

A Message From Leonard...

Leonard Peltier continues to serve an unfair and unjust sentence in United States Federal Prison. For over 30 years, he has remained in custody for a crime that many prominent Canadians agree, he did not commit.

The sentence Mr. Peltier received has been under review many times, and his legal team has worked to obtain appeal grounds under very adverse legal conditions, and complicit with US government intervention on many occasions.

Yet Leonard Peltier remains in custody after serving a sentence that most would deem as longer than even a guilty person would have had to endure. Leonard Peltier remains strong.

The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (LPDC) works with Mr. Peltier on an ongoing basis to continue the fight to gain Justice and FREE this man a leader in the American Indian Movement and a spiritual symbol of oppression for Native peoples throughout North America.

The work that has been done on Leonard Peltier's behalf in Canada has been a source of inspiration and education across this country. A difficult job that has caused many Justice advocates to renew and research the reasons why Leonard Peltier was removed from Canada to face a hostile and biased US Court system.

The fight for freedom will go on. At the request of Leonard Peltier a new effort has been launched to support and gather resources in this cause. The new effort will see local support group's work with the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee team will maintain contact with worldwide supporters and activists. It is Leonard's request that all support groups nationally and internationally work under the direction of Leonard Peltier Defense Committee which is presently in the process of relocating to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where Leonard is presently incarcerated at the USP Lewisburg. The Leonard Peltier Defense
Committee is the direct source of contact with Leonard Peltier, his Legal Defense Team, and his supporters.

It is time to send a message to Leonard Peltier's friends and supporters that the fight is getting stronger and that we haven't forgotten the battle for freedom that many people take personally. Your help will make a difference. Please visit the Leonard Peltier Official website @ www.leonardpeltier.net

Additional Contact Information:

Email address:

LPDC address:


2626 N. Mesa # 132

El Paso, Texas 79902

Phone- 915- 533-6655

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

"Our work will be unfinished until not one human being is hungry or
battered, not one single person is forced to die in war, not one
languishes imprisoned and no one is persecuted for his or her beliefs."

~~Leonard Peltier

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