19 November 2007

38th National Day of Mourning...

A Message from the United American Indians of New England/LPSG

38th National Day Of Mourning

November 22, 2007

12 Noon

Coles Hill Plymouth, MA

Joins us as we dedicate the 38th National Day of Mourning to our brother, Native political prisoner, Leonard Peltier. Add your voice to the millions worldwide who demand his freedom. Help us in our struggle to create a true awareness of Native peoples and demonstrate the unity of Indigenous Peoples internationally.

For more information contact:

United American Indians of New England/LPSG

Phone: 617-522-6626

email: info@uaine.org

Website: www.uaine.org


Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

email: info@leonardpeltier.net

website: www.leonardpeltier.net

20. January 2009: The End of an Error

Free Burma!

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