20 February 2005

The Time Has Come. . .

From Keith Rabin:

The Time Has Come To Gather
By: Keith Rabin/2005
A Prayer Poem for The Missing Native Womens Web Site
Please Visit: www.missingnativewomen.ca

For: Amber in her fight for Honor
For Anna Mae Aquash and family,

For Leonard Peltier, In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse
For those chosen to bear the cost
For those who did the deed,
and for all those yet to come.

"Who Will Be Innocent Next".

To all My relations:
The time Has come to Gather,
and come together,
this for all our missing, for all indigenous peoples.

Welcome to a moment in your lives.
As Indigenous women, As indigenous people,
As part of the human race.
It is time to gather, It is time...

We are a part of the creators plan.
We are the creators Plan.
Without us, the indigenous women,
the plan ends here. No more indigenous children.

Today we've come to take back......
Our position in our nations,
Our position in our families.
Our position is, we turn away no more.....

We've come here today to join together as one people.
Gather together our indigenous pride.
We've come to save our children, from another year,
of murder, of rape. We've come to heal our unsafe nations.

Creator, We are praying to you.
We ask with respect, and Reverence.
We offer the sacred, The sweetgrass.
In its blue smoke we pray.

We humble ourselves this day to you,
So our prayers may be heard.
In the essence of the cedar,
In the smudge of the sage we pray.

Grandfather , Grandmother.
So many have gone, too many have fallen early.
Too many have gone silent, and are quiet still.
Gather together my people, all nations, one stand.

My heart today is as an eagle,
It calls to your heart, listen we ask.
Their hearts are missed, and their spirits,
are here with us today, and in your arms.

Our words are as prayers for your ears.
The time has come for us as a people,
A time when the warriors stand up,
A time as long ago they stood together.

For the people, for the women and children.
Too many have gone, Too many have closed their eyes.
We are bleeding for a hope, and can bleed no more alone.
We are crying for a vision, and our tears run dry.

Bless these spirits, and our humble gathering.
We ask for your guidance and your vision for our children.
We ask for peace and an end to our missing.
In our gathering together we are asking for peace.

Pilamayaye [as in the female voice]
Pilamaya [as in the male voice]

In Peace


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