30 June 2007

Quote of the Day...

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read these books..."

--Samuel Langhorne Clemens "Mark Twain" (1835 — 1910), American humorist, satirist, writer, and lecturer.

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WTF!: No-Fly List...

What the hell can a thinking person say about this but "What the Frak"?!?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...


2 Canadian Boys With Same Name And On No-Fly List
Alistair Butt of Ont., Alistair Butt of Sask., blocked from boarding flights
Last Updated: Friday, June 29, 2007 | 10:44 PM ET
CBC News

Two boys named Alistair Butt, one from Saskatchewan and one from Ontario, were stopped while trying to board flights last week because their name matches a name that appears on a no-fly list.
The Ontario boy, a 15-year-old from the Ottawa-area town of Orléans, was trying to check in to an Air Canada flight from Montreal to St. John's when he was told he couldn't board.

Alistair Butt of Orléans, Ont., was stopped while trying to board a flight last week in Montreal.Alistair Butt of Orléans, Ont., was stopped while trying to board a flight last week in Montreal.

The Saskatoon boy, who's 10, was also told he couldn't get on an Air Canada flight, although it is not clear what airport he was stopped at.

Both boys were eventually allowed to board, once they were cleared by security after long delays, but their families fear they will face the same problem every time they try to fly.

"Canada is telling him he's guilty until proven innocent every time he flies," the Ontario boy's mother, Heather Butt, told CBC News.

Heather said an airline official at the airport could not say what no-fly list her son's name is on, and how to get it off.

"We said, 'What do we do?' and then, much to our amazement, she said we could possibly change our child's name," Heather said.

Transport Canada won't confirm if the boys are on a United States no-fly list, an airline no-fly list or Canada's new no-fly list, which went into effect on June 18.

Canada's list, believed to contain fewer than 1,000 names, is operated by Transport Canada. All domestic airline passengers' names are checked against a list of people deemed to be threats.

The list is not be available to the public, which means those on it will only find out when they try to travel.
Transport Canada advises families to appeal

Allan Kagedan, a Transport Canada spokesman, advised the Butt families to appeal to the organizations operating all three lists.

"You can approach all three, I suppose, and they can guide you in terms of doing what's needed to try to avoid problems in the future," he said.

He would not confirm which list contains the Alistair Butt name.

Air Canada said it's working hard to prevent delays to passengers and stressed that both boys were eventually allowed on their flights.

"We regret any inconvenience, but security must remain of paramount concern," the airline said in a statement.

Ontario's Alistair Butt, a top student who has won community service awards, said the whole ordeal has angered him.

"I'm accused of something I didn't do. It's not me. I have the same name, that's it."

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20. January 2009: The End of an Error

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25 June 2007

Sandy Tucker: "One Child at a time..."

What the World needs is more Sandy Tuckers. We thank the Creator for her time on Earth among us. We offer Prayers and Smoke for her Family and loved ones...

Mitakuye Oyasin

Sandy Tucker, founder of children's home in Liberty, dies at 62

By Paula Burba
The Courier-Journal

Sandy Tucker, the tender-yet-stern matriarch of Galilean Children's Home in Liberty, Ky., which has sheltered hundreds of children since 1984, died yesterday at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington.

She was 62 and died of cancer.

"Numbers aren't anything to me," Tucker told The Courier-Journal in a 2004 story. "It's one life at a time, one child at a time."

Al Tompkins, a journalist who met Tucker about 20 years ago in Guatemala, where she was working to rescue children, remembered her "pure, unshakeable love for children."

"It didn't matter what disability they had, how functional or dysfunctional they were, they just could not escape her arms. With just that talent, she touched more than 800 children," said Tompkins, who later joined the board of the children's home.

"Sandy always loved children, always," her younger sister, Debbie Tucker, said yesterday.

The sisters married brothers, and when Debbie Tucker's husband died 32 years ago, "she took me and my three children in for a while, too."

A native of Arizona, Sandy Tucker grew up in Detroit and married Jerry Tucker in 1963. After years of marriage and no children, they adopted the first of 25 in 1969, and eventually had two biological daughters, too.

They came to Kentucky in the mid-1970s, learning about the Mennonite faith and adopting many of its principles.

They settled on a 22-acre hilltop farm in Casey County and founded the children's home where Tucker would be called "Mom" by hundreds of children in need. They were rescued from abuse or poverty, taken in from parents unable to care for them because of extreme medical needs or temporarily taken in from other countries for much-needed medical care.

Their ministry expanded beyond the children's home, where typically 50 to 70 children lived.

They also built Angel House, a home for as many as 50 babies of women in prison, and the Galilean Christian Academy, where children from the home attended pre-kindergarten through 12th grade with community children who paid tuition to attend.

They opened two restaurants, a bed-and-breakfast and a thrift store -- all self-supporting businesses that also supported the Galilean Home Ministries.

For many years, Tucker was also a midwife. She delivered more than 200 babies, mostly for women who did not want to go to hospitals because of their religious beliefs. She agreed to stop delivering babies in the early 1990s, instead of obtaining a license required by state.

With a philosophy of "no government money, no government control," as Sandy Tucker once put it, they managed to keep everything running with donations -- raising more than $225,000 in monthly expenses and covering a $1 million annual payroll with money raised through mailings and publicity.

"I guess it's just the Lord's work," Tucker told a television reporter in 1988 at Louisville's airport as she returned to Kentucky with a Haitian boy who had been in the public spotlight. The Tuckers brought him back from a "children's prison" in Haiti.

"It gets in your blood. If you love children, you can't not do it," she said.

Tucker's funeral is scheduled for 10 a.m. Monday at Galilean Children's Home. Visitation will begin there at noon Saturday. She will be buried at Chapel in the Woods Cemetery there. McKinney-Brown Funeral Home is handling arrangements.

Reporter Paula Burba can be reached at (502) 582-4800.

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20. January 2009: The End of an Error

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Quote of the Day...

“What treaty have the Sioux made with the white man that we have broken? Not one. What treaty have the white man ever made with us that they have kept? Not one. When I was a boy the Sioux owned the world; the sun rose and set on their land; they sent ten thousand men to battle. Where are the warriors today? Who slew them? Where are our lands? Who owns them?....What law have I broken? Is it wrong for me to love my own? Is it wicked for me because my skin is red? Because I am a Sioux; because I was born where my father lived; because I would die for my people and my country?”

--Sitting Bull "Tatanka Iyotake" (c.1831 - 1890), Lakota Nation Hunkpapa Clan

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20. January 2009: The End of an Error

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"Eagle Poem" by Joy Harjo

Eagle Poem

To pray you open your whole self
To sky, to earth, to sun, to moon
To one whole voice that is you.
And know there is more
That you can't see, can't hear
Can't know except in moments
Steadily growing, and in languages
That aren't always sound but other
Circles of motion.
Like eagle that Sunday morning
Over Salt River. Circles in blue sky
In wind, swept our hearts clean
With sacred wings.
We see you, see ourselves and know
That we must take the utmost care
And kindness in all things.
Breathe in, knowing we are made of
All this, and breathe, knowing
We are truly blessed because we
Were born, and die soon, within a
True circle of motion,
Like eagle rounding out the morning
Inside us.
We pray that it will be done
In beauty.
In beauty.

~ Joy Harjo, Creek Nation ~

(How We Become Human: New and Selected Poems 1975-2001)

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20. January 2009: The End of an Error

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23 June 2007

Blame the Ancient Romans...

Now I know who's responsible for my serious burger habit...


Ancient Romans Preferred Fast Food: "

Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News

June 18, 2007 — Just as a U.S. Presidential state dinner does not reflect how most Americans eat and socialize, researchers think the formal, decadent image of wining and dining in ancient Rome mostly just applied to the elite.

According to archaeologist Penelope Allison of the University of Leicester, the majority of the population consumed food 'on the run.'

Allison excavated an entire neighborhood block in Pompeii, a city frozen in time after the eruption of volcano Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D."

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First Gunshot Victim...?

First Gunshot Wound Victim Found

Randolph E. Schmid, Associated Press

June 20, 2007 — The musket blast was sudden and deadly, the killing nearly 500 years ago of what may have been the first gunshot victim in the Western Hemisphere.

"We didn't expect it. We saw this skull and saw the almost round hole and thought people must have been shooting around here recently," said Guillermo Cock, an archaeologist who found the remains near Lima, Peru.

But he realized that the skull was ancient, and a recent bullet strike would simply have shattered it, Cock said in a telephone interview.

The skull was found among a large group of bones of ancient Incas, who had died violently in the early 1500s as the Spanish Conquistadors battled the native empire...(Read the rest HERE)

21 June 2007

The Amazing Whirlo-Way!

It's really amazing, the stuff you end up knowing about just because of the Internet.

Thanks Walter, we really appreciate your gift to all of us!


Walter Frederick Morrison
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Walter Fredrick Morrison is best known as the inventor of the Frisbee. He was born in Richfield, Utah. He currently resides in Monroe, Utah. There is a Disc Golf course named in his honor located in Holladay, Utah.

Fred claims that the original idea came to him while throwing a popcorn can lid with his girlfriend, Lu, whom he later married. The popcorn lid soon dented which led to the discovery that cake pans flew better and were more common. The two of them developed a little business selling "Flyin' Cake Pans" on the beaches of Santa Monica, CA. During World War II he learned something of aeronautics flying fighter-bombers in Italy. He was shot down and was a POW at the infamous Stalag 13. In 1946 he sketched out a design (called the Whirlo-Way) for the world's first flying disc. In 1948 he involved an investor, Warren Franscioni, who paid for molding his design out of plastic. This was the world's first plastic flying disc, and they named it the Flyin-Saucer. In 1954 Fred bought more of the Saucers from the original molders to sell at local fairs, but found he could produce his own disc more cheaply. In 1955 he and Lu designed the Pluto Platter...the archetype of all modern flying discs. On January 23, 1957 they sold the rights for the Pluto Platter to the Wham-O toy company. Initially it was marketed by Wham-O still as the "Pluto Platter", but in 1958 Wham-O added the name Frisbee, a (probably deliberate) misspelling of the name of the Frisbie Pie Company.

He has recently written an autobiography entitled Flat Flip Flies Straight, coauthored with disc historian and collector Phil Kennedy.

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20. January 2009: The End of an Error

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18 June 2007

Quote of the Day...

"A learning experience is one of those things that says, 'You know that thing you just did? Don't do that.'"

--Douglas Adams (1952 - 2001), English author, comic radio dramatist, and musician

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16 June 2007

Rushdie Honoured By Queen...

Botham and Rushdie Lead Honours

List highlights

Ex-cricketer Ian Botham and novelist Salman Rushdie have both been knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honours.

Botham's knighthood is a reflection of his achievements on the field - and long-distance fundraising walks.

Cancer sufferer Jane Tomlinson, who along with Dame Edna Everage creator Barry Humphries is made a CBE, joins others recognised for charity efforts.

Singer Joe Cocker, author Barbara Taylor Bradford and footballer Ryan Giggs are among the OBEs on the list.

The Cabinet Office said a key aim of the 2007 Birthday Honours was to reward those in the areas of education, health, law and order and the charity sector.

All the 946 people on the list have been nominated by the public or expert organisations.

Family celebration

Cricketing legend Botham, 51, was the first player to score 5,000 runs and take 300 wickets in Test matches.

He has raised about £10m for Leukaemia Research through his charity walks, including his 1988 trek over the Alps with elephants, a recreation of Hannibal's journey.

"I'm delighted that I've been honoured, not only for myself but for the people that have helped me get there," he said.

"My wife Kath ran most of the walks and this will be very much a family celebration."

Rushdie went into hiding in 1989 after his fourth novel the Satanic Verses provoked riots and calls by Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini for his assassination. In 1998, the Iranian government said it would no longer support the fatwa, but some groups have said it is irrevocable.

The 59-year-old said: "I am thrilled and humbled to receive this great honour, and am very grateful that my work has been recognised in this way."

Mrs Tomlinson, 43, who has raised £1.5m since being diagnosed with incurable metastatic breast cancer in 2000 and became an MBE four years ago, said she was "very surprised" at her latest honour.

Knighthoods also go to John Hegarty, the advertising industry executive behind campaigns for companies such as Levis and Johnnie Walker, and Norman Rosenthal, exhibitions secretary at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Former North Lanarkshire Council education chief Charlie Gray, 78, becomes a knight after almost five decades of service in local government.

Radio astronomer professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell, whose 1967 discovery of the first pulsar stars that release bursts of radio waves ranks as an important milestone, is among the new dames.

'Civic duty'

Senior district judge Timothy Workman, who hears most of the high profile extradition cases to go through the English courts, is made a CBE for services to the administration of justice.

The same honour goes to barrister Shami Chakrabarti. The director of human rights group Liberty described the news as recognition that "democratic dissent is not disloyalty, it is a positive civic duty".

Christiane Amanpour, CNN's chief international correspondent, who has covered stories from world hotspots including Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans, becomes a CBE.

In the Diplomatic List, there is a CMG for Oleg Gordievsky, former KGB colonel, who became the service's highest-ranking defector.

Risque lingerie

Others to be honoured from the world of sport by becoming MBEs are former England footballer Teddy Sheringham and Dee Caffari, the first woman to sail single-handedly non-stop around the world against the prevailing winds and currents.

An OBE goes to Terry Griffiths, the retired Welsh snooker player, who became world champion at his first attempt in 1979.

Soprano Emma Kirkby, who is among the new dames, heads the honours in entertainment.

Last of the Summer Wine actor Peter Sallis - the voice of Wallace in the Wallace and Gromit animated films - TV screenwriters Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, and 1960s leading screen actress Sylvia Syms all become OBEs.

Sallis, 87, said of his honour for services to drama: "I'm flattered. I don't even dream about these things, which is probably just as well.... but it means a lot to me."

Carmen Munroe, an actress who has played an instrumental role in black British theatre, is also appointed an OBE.

CBEs go to Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis and TV historian David Starkey, while London's Burning actor Glen Murphy is made an MBE.

Joe Corre will be following his mother Dame Vivienne Westwood to a Buckingham Palace investiture.

The founder of risque lingerie label Agent Provocateur and his partner Serena Rees have been made MBEs. Fashion designer Betty Jackson gets the same honour.

Hairdresser to the stars Nicky Clarke becomes an OBE, as does contemporary rose-breeder David Austin.

Secret Santa

There is a CBE for Lt Col Duncan Green, director-general of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, for services to animal welfare.

And an MBE goes to Johanna Beumer who founded Whittingham Kennels in north London to look after retired racing greyhounds.

Carers Denis and Ann Holder from Rotherfield, East Sussex, who have fostered more than 100 children over 32 years, are made MBEs.

And pensioner Edward Cooper, from east Belfast, becomes an MBE for services to the community.

He has spent over half a century spending his own money on buying and distributing Christmas presents to underprivileged children.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/06/15 23:00:05 GMT


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Peugeot vs. Audi...

It looks like Le Mans 2007 will be a showdown between to great national marks: Audi of Germany versus France's Peugeot. I think this will be a race to remember indeed.
Let battle begin...


Peugeot Start On Pole At Le Mans

Peugeot will start from pole in Saturday's Le Mans 24 Hours race.

After a 14-year break from the endurance classic, the Peugeot driven by Sebastien Bourdais, Pedro Lamy and Stephane Sarrazin will head the field.

Rain throughout the second qualifying session on Thursday meant none of the teams improved on their opening times around the 13.629km circuit.

Audi's Allan McNish will start second alongside co-drivers Dindo Capello and seven-times winner Tom Kristensen.

The second Peugeot of Nicolas Minassian and debutants Jacques Villeneuve and Marc Gene is third, with reigning champions Frank Biela, Emmanuele Pirro and Marco Werner in fourth for Audi.

Le Mans 24 Hour Race starting positions (Saturday):

First row:
Sebastien Bourdais-Stephane Sarrazin-Pedro Lamy (Fra-Fra-Por) Peugeot

Tom Kristensen-Allan McNish-Rinaldo Capello (Den-GB-Ita) Audi

Second row:
Jacques Villeneuve-Nicolas Minassian-Marc Gené (Can-Fra-Spa) Peugeot

Frank Biela-Emanuele Pirro-Marco Werner (Ger-Ita-Ger) Audi

Third row:
Alexandre Premat-Lucas Luhr-Mike Rockenfeller (Fra-Ger-Ger) Audi

Emmanuel Collard-Romain Dumas-Jean-Christophe Boullion (Fra) Pescarolo-Judd

Fourth row:
Jean-Marc Gounon-Stefan Johansson-Guillaume Moreau (Fra-Swe-Fra) Courage-AER

Joao Barbosa-Stuart Hall-Martin Short (Por-GB-GB) Pescarolo-Judd

Fifth row:
Jan Lammers-Jeroen Bleekemolen-David Hart (Ned) Dome-Judd

Jamie Campbell-Walter-Felipe Ortiz-Shinji Nakano (GB-Swi-Jon) Creation-Judd

Story from BBC SPORT:

Published: 2007/06/14 22:26:21 GMT


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Quote of the Day...

"...the important thing that you've proven to the world is that a half a million kids — and I call you kids because I have children that are older than you are — a half million young people can get together and have three days of fun and music and have nothing but fun and music, and I God Bless You for it!"

--Max Yasgur (1919 -1973) dairy farmer

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04 June 2007

Gitmo: A Miserable Failure...

I think it says a lot when a military judge throws the case out due to it sheer lack of merit. And of course Omar will now be inspired to join the Republican Party and sing the praises of the 'American Way', enit?


Guantanamo Canadian Case Dropped

A US military judge has dropped charges against a Canadian held at Guantanamo Bay, saying he could not be tried under new laws governing military tribunals.

Omar Khadr was just 15 years old when he was captured in Afghanistan.

He appeared in court charged with murder, attempted murder, conspiracy and providing support for terrorism.

But the judge ruled he could not be tried under current laws because he was not classified as an "unlawful" enemy combatant in previous hearings.

The charges were dismissed "without prejudice", said Col Peter Brownback, the presiding judge.

His decision deals a big blow to the trial system, says the BBC's Justin Webb, in Washington.

Tribunal issue

Mr Khadr had been classified as an "enemy combatant" under a previous tribunal system that was eventually thrown out in 2006 by the US Supreme Court.

But under new legislation approved by President George W Bush, only detainees classified as "unlawful enemy combatants" can face trial at Guantanamo Bay.

The defendant appeared in court on Monday wearing a prison uniform, light sandals and a straggly beard, reports said.

He is accused of killing a US soldier during a battle at a suspected al-Qaeda base in 2002.

The judge left open the possibility that Mr Khadr could be re-charged if he appeared before an official review panel and was formally classified as an "unlawful" enemy combatant.

He said prosecutors could lodge an appeal within 72 hours, although it was not immediately clear who they could appeal to.

The word "unlawful" has not been used in any of the other pending cases, so it looks as though the whole tribunal system will once again come to a juddering halt, our correspondent says.

Marine Col Dwight Sullivan, chief defence lawyer for the Guantanamo Bay trials, agreed that the latest verdict cast doubt on the entire system.

"We don't need any more evidence that it's a failure. This system should just stop," he told the Reuters news agency.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/06/04 18:02:38 GMT


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Thanks George..!

Yes, a big thanks for reviving the Nuclear Cold War. I mean, like damn, we've really missed having the the guillotine blade of MAD hanging over our very existence on a daily basis. Thank you, thank you so much for smearing your crap on the doorstep of the Bear's cave...I mean like, now that you've pissed him off we all get to pay (well not you of course).

Yeah, thanks a lot asshat...


Nato condemns Putin missile vow

Russia's threat to aim weapons at Europe if the US sets up a missile shield was "unwelcome", Nato has said.

The US says it wants missile defence in eastern Europe to counter threats from states like Iran and North Korea.

It aims to build parts of the system in Poland and the Czech Republic, where US President George W Bush has arrived for talks ahead of this week's G8 summit.

On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Iran was not a threat to the US, hinting that Russia was the target.

His words sparked concern in the West, with new French President Nicolas Sarkozy saying he would have "frank" talks with Mr Putin on the issue.

And Nato spokesman James Appathurai went further, saying Russia was "the only country speculating about targeting Europe with missiles".

"These kind of comments are unhelpful and unwelcome."

Mr Putin's spokesman has since attempted to soothe the row, describing the Russian leader's comment as a "hypothetical" response to a "hypothetical" question.

'Stormy summit'

President George W Bush has now arrived in Prague for talks ahead of the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany.

[Putin] called for a frank dialogue. From my side, it will be frank
French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Several hundred protesters took to the streets as Mr Bush arrived in Prague, denouncing the US leader and stressing their opposition to the missile defence scheme.

Some echoed the concerns of a previous era.

"We had Russian troops here for more than 20 years, and I was against that, too," Karel Janko, 63, told the Associated Press news agency.

Washington wants to deploy interceptor rockets in Poland and a radar base in the Czech Republic to counter what it describes as a potential threat from "rogue states" such as Iran and North Korea.

Speaking in the way to Europe, Mr Bush's national security adviser also said Mr Putin's remarks were "not helpful".

"We would like to have a constructive dialogue with Russia on this issue," Stephen Hadley said.

Mr Bush is due to deliver a major speech on democracy and freedom in Prague on Tuesday.

Though US officials say the address is not about Russia, the president is expected to highlight concerns about the Kremlin's tightening grip on power.

European concern

Mr Putin issued his warning in an interview with foreign reporters ahead of the G8 meeting.

"If the American nuclear potential grows in European territory, we will have to have new targets in Europe," Mr Putin said.

He said neither Iran nor North Korea had the weapons that the US was seeking to shoot down.

"We are being told the anti-missile defence system is targeted against something that does not exist. Doesn't it seem funny to you?" he asked.

Mr Putin said Washington had "altered the strategic balance" by unilaterally pulling out of the anti-ballistic missile (ABM) treaty in 2002.

He hoped US officials would change their minds about the missile plan, and said that if an arms race resulted it would not be Russia's fault.

Last week, Moscow announced it had tested a ballistic missile to maintain "strategic balance" in the world.

Mr Putin and Mr Bush are scheduled to meet at what correspondents predict is likely to be a stormy G8 summit.

Both the new French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair said there was a need for a dialogue with Russia.

"Europe as a whole does have concerns and will not be shy in expressing those concerns," said Mr Blair's official spokesman.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/06/04 22:09:09 GMT


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01 June 2007

It Was 40 Years Ago Today...

Wow! Does time fly by or what? "Sgt Pepper" is like a fine, fine wine: it just keeps getting better and better with each passing year...


The Wonderful World of Sgt Pepper


It is 40 years since the release of the iconic Beatles album Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Widely regarded as one of - if not the - greatest music albums of modern times, here are some of the stories behind the Fab Four's music.

* It was the band's eighth album.

* The album was recorded at the famous Abbey Road studios over a 129-day period, at a cost of £25,000.

* Pink Floyd were working on Piper at the Gates of Dawn in the next studio at the same time.

* The idea of making the whole album as if Sgt Pepper was a real band was believed to be Paul McCartney's.

* It was a completely self-contained album which was meant to be played from start to finish.

* One critic described the album as "a decisive moment in the history of Western civilisation".

* Within weeks of the album's release, Jimi Hendrix started performing the title track in concert.

* It was the first rock album to win Grammy Awards for album of the year and best contemporary album.

* Rolling Stone magazine rated it number one in the list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

* Sir Peter Blake designed the front cover. It featured a colourful collage of life-sized cardboard models of famous people, including Marlon Brando and Karl Marx.

* Mae West originally refused to appear on the front cover, but changed her mind after the band wrote to her.

* The initial design was altered, deleting Hitler and Jesus from the image, before the album was released.

* It was rumoured that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was about the drug LSD. Lennon always denied this, insisting it was inspired by a drawing done by his young son, Julian.

* The song was still banned by the BBC.

* The lyrics to John Lennon's Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite were adapted almost word for word from an old circus poster which he bought at an antique shop in Kent.

* McCartney's vocals were sped up for the song When I'm 64 to give it a unique sound.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/06/01 07:56:13 GMT


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